Pepper Baumer Kathleen + Kyle Benefield Elizabeth A. Boh
Ashley + Skipper Bond Caitlin + Hyder Brewster Joey + Buzzy Brown
Joanie + Pat Browne Elizabeth + Peyton Bush Angela + Jay Cerise
John Cerise Monique Cerise Cristi + Christian Chauvin
Jennifer + Kendall Chauvin Meredith + Cole Claiborne Tamara + Phil Claverie
Laura + Philip Claverie Renee + Bill Clements Clare Colton
Jennifer + Mason Couvillon Mia + Scott Couvillon Kelly + Cle Dabezies
Jeanne + Martin de Laureal Karen + Perry Eastman Justin Falciano
Ellen + Stephen Faust Katye + Trey Fayard
Alyssa Fletchinger + Hudson Higgins Daryl Fletchinger
Marianne Wise + Clark Fletchinger Jennifer + George Fowler
Kelly + Scott Gottsche Kelsey Greenfield Sarah Louise + Scott Ham
Dana Hansel Katie Harvill Kaylea + Hunter Hill Sarah + Sergei Hillery
Lori + Brad Hunter Caroline + David Kearney Malise + Clay Kearney
Malinda + Ryan Kelley Katie + Brandon Key Kristin + Craig Kingrea
Elise + Kevin Kiser Holt + Gordon Kolb Betsy + Eric Laborde
Carley + Trey Lanaux Lacey + Price Lanier Dorothy + Joe Mann
Ansley + Carter Marshall Valerie + Juan Martinez
Katie + Stephen Miles Elaine + James Montgomery Ashley Morgan
Emily + Stirling Morrison Tina Dang + Hai Nguyen Michelle + Field Ogden
Cara + Thomas Ogg Machelle + John Payne Melissa + Jean Marc Pellerin
Mary + Dimitrios Petikas Meredith + David Picou Jennifer + Cardwell Potts
Cerise Potts + Peter Bermudez Kay + Corky Potts William + Ransdell Prieur
Leigh Ellen + Chris Puckett Patrick Rafferty Karin Halvorson + Bill Reid
Ashley + Lon Riley Caroline + Andre Robert Ali Rosales
Olivia + Andrew Rosenthal Katie + Chip Roth Katy + Dennis Roubion
Charlotte Jane + Jack Sawyer Sheldon + Michael Schmidt Christa + Matt Schwartz
Rebecca + Benton Smallpage Bobby Stakenborghs Kristin + John Stewart
Dorian + Robert Stone Meredith + Minor Strachan Anne + William Summerour
Kingsley + Caleigh Toye Kate + Scott Tucker Susan + Ed Colton
Elizabeth + Arthur Seaver Celeste + Curtis Eustis
Jamie + Townsend Underhill Lindsey + Keith Vodanovich

Special Thanks

BB King’s Blues Club

Legacy Board Members

Lindsey Brower Beard Elizabeth A. Boh Patrick Browne
Cristi Fowler Chauvin Caroline Read d’Hemecourt Alyssa Fletchinger
Rev. Dr. Willie Gable, Jr. Whitney Guarisco Ana Hands, MD
Mara Haseltine, MD Jeremy Head Brad Hunter Ansley Seaver Marshall
Betsy Thibaut Laborde Carol Meyer, MD William Prieur
Leigh Ellen Puckett Mark Romig Heidi Saporito
Clint Smith, Jr. Devin J. Wakeman Casey Pellerin Westguard, Chair

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Bradley Beard_Lindsey Brower Beard_George Brower II_ Lauren Brower & Trist Brower Clint & Toni - both recipients. Toni - heart & Clint - living kidney donor (twice transplanted) David Briggs (2015 honorary co-chair), William Prieur (Legacy bd chair & wife Randsell) along with Mark Romig honorary chair 2015 DBRG serving food Dickie Brennan's Rest Group Lauren & George Brower (hosts) from SR 2014 Legacy2014-0001 Legacy2014-0003 Legacy2014-0005-2 Legacy2014-0015 Legacy2014-0030 2 Legacy2014-0030 Legacy2014-0031 Legacy2014-0034 Legacy2014-0037 Legacy2014-0093 2 Legacy2014-0093 Legacy2014-0222 Legacy2014-0223 Legacy2014-6735 Legacy2014-6900 Mullady Voelker & Victoria White 2015 Co-Chairs with Nicole Labadot, Executive Director Republic - Fred Holley & Rolf with their wives Soul-Revival-Party-Event_25 Soul-Revival-Party-Event_83 Soul-Revival-Party-Event_620 Soul-Revival-Party-Event_840 Soul-Revival-Party-Event-ws_02 Soul-Revival-Party-Event Toni Wild - she's the lady in the video with the runner that we will be using - save this if you need a pic of her & her husband Jim.


Mission of Legacy Donor Foundation

Legacy Donor Foundation was founded in 1999 to save the lives of people waiting for transplants by
encouraging citizens in Louisiana to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors.

Legacy implements comprehensive education programs to help Louisianans understand the critical need for donation and dispel myths and misconceptions. These include partnerships with OMVs, Youth Awareness for high school students and Drivers Education Programs, and more. Legacy collaborates with several statewide agencies with an interest in donation and transplantation to form Donate Life Louisiana – part of a national coalition to increase donor designation rates. With Donate Life Louisiana, we bring a consistent image and message to organ, eye, and tissue donation in Louisiana. When Legacy was founded, there were only 450,000 names on Louisiana’s Organ Donor Registry. Legacy has helped increase the number of names on the registry to over 2.4 million today.

Legacy Donor Foundation